Joyce Bunton


Joyce Bunton Coaching & EFT is a long established business which has helped thousands of people over the past fifteen years through its many courses, workshops and individual client sessions.

Joyce has been working in the arena of Energy Medicine for well over forty years and in the early 80's taught Reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and other energy modalities including Do In - a Japanese tapping system.  Joyce then transitioned from management into the arena of psychology and counselling and became a Person Centred Counsellor - Rogerian.  In the mid 90's Joyce discovered Coaching, and just knew that this was where her heart was to lie.

After qualifying as a Life Coach Joyce was a Founder Member of The Association for Coaching in Scotland.  The AC is now an international Coaching body.  She started her EFT journey in the footsteps of Gary Craig and totally immersed herself in this world.  It transformed her practice and her business.  The cutting edge of wellness is where she feels most comfortable and has done a considerable amount of innovative work with all of the new sciences arising from the quantum/energy world.

Within the past ten years Joyce has been delighted to work within the NHS as an EFT practitioner and runs workshops regularly while maintaining a healthy Coaching & EFT practice.  Energy, Energy. Everything is Energy

Joyce resides in Paisley, Renfrewshire in Scotland.